City Council Minutes


Condensed Minutes, March 4, 2014

The Ralston City Council met in a regular session on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at Ralston City Hall.  Roll was called with the following present: Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause, Onken, Preis, & Groesser. The agenda for this meeting was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting.  The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder. Claims listed are approved and a part of these minutes.

Groesser gave the Acknowledgement of Open Meeting Law Posting.

It was moved to approve the Consent Agenda by Onken, seconded by Konwinski. All vote yes, motion carries.

Costanzo said the lottery report has been sent out to Council and department heads. Costanzo reported that the deadline to register for office elections has closed. Costanzo said Michael Sanchez is running for Onken’s ward, as Onken is not. Costanzo said Sanchez, Alberhasky, Krause, and Fideline are all running unopposed. Murtaugh reported for the Arena. Murtaugh updated Council on the flash report he has been working on. Murtaugh said the Reception and Box Office staff will be combined soon in order to maximize resources. Murtaugh reported on the BOGO Clubs Seat sales and suite rentals. Murtaugh said he has done a cost analysis on Food & Beverage. Murtaugh said the turn arrow at 72nd and Q is now activated all the time, instead of just for events. Murtaugh said they are negotiating ice time with UNO for their practices.

Consideration of Resolution No. 2014-2 – A RESOLUTION TO PROVIDE FOR THE INCURRING OF INDEBTEDNESS MADE BY THE CITY IN CONNECTION WITH COSTS INCURRED IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONSTRUCTION WITHIN THE CITY. THE PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE OF DEBT CONTEMPLATED TO BE ISSUED FOR SUCH PROJECT EXCEEDS $515,000; was introduced by Onken. It was moved to approve Resolution No. 2014-2 by Krause, seconded by Konwinski. Costanzo said $300,000 was budgeted for the street panel replacement and $211,000 was for the 84th St overlay that has been completed. Costanzo said this is to move forward with getting the money from the bonding company. All vote yes, motion carries.

Public Comments: Freshman stated that Onken will be missed.

Council Comments: Konwinski commended Murtaugh for his work at the Arena. Fideline agreed. Alberhasky said he attended the Firemen’s award dinner at the Arena and the food was delicious. Groesser said 3 candidates for the GM for the Arena will be interviewed on Wednesday.

There being nothing further of a general nature to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:12 PM.

Next Regular Meeting March 18, 2014 at 7:00 PM


__________________ __________________
Dolores L. Costanzo Donald A. Groesser
City Clerk/ Treasurer Mayor


Claims: ING-Pension-$1,950.00; Ameripride-Janitorial-$69.89; Better Business-Copier-$226.74; CJ’s-Supplies-$64.51; D Costanzo-Reimburse-$187.73; Cox-Utilities-$353.15; Center Point-Books-$44.34; Century-Pest Control-$28.00; LaVista-Bus Share-$1,655.39; Great Western-Pension-$23,245.52; FOP-Dues-$650.00; D Groesser-Reimburse-$309.22; HyVee-Supplies-$27.23; M Klinker-Professional-$1,000.00; MUD-Utilities-$186.50; Micro-Books-$172.20; M O’Malley-Janitorial-$418.00; Black Hills-Utilities-$2,038.84; Papillion Sanitation-Disposal-$26,040.56; Recorded Books-Books-$711.82; R&S-Supplies-$115.00; Sarpy County-Animal Control-$1,641.03; Great Western-Expenses-$2,261.59; Walmart-Supplies-$78.48; SignIt-Signage-$56.00; City of Omaha-Sewer-$29,163.55; Hartford-Insurance-$1,389.50; Voss-Supplies-$50.37; Dearborn-Insurance-$130.72; NE/IA Supply-Fuel-$2,880.87; F Canfield-Reimburse-$187.04; Omaha Compound-Supplies-$523.19; Quill-Supplies-$359.92; Lueders-Repair-$38.60; JQ Office-Copier-$176.79; Solution One-Copier-$126.50; Halo Solutions-Supplies-$479.60; BCBSNE-Insurance-$34,965.26; RASS-Security-$462.00; Cavendish Square-Books-$193.91; A+United-Repair-$2,225.00; Becker Trenching-Sewer-$10,500.00; Aramark-Uniforms-$168.67; BCBSNE-Insurance-$7,179.19; Black Hills-Utilities-$5,077.20; Carpenter Paper-Janitorial-$1,050.44; Century-Pest Control-$97.50; CenturyLink-Phones-$172.74; ChickFilA-Settlement-$810.08; CJ’s-Supplies-$34.27; Clear Channel-Advertising-$1,962.00; Cummins-Maintenance-$812.62; Cutchall-Settlement-$5,439.46; Dog & Pony-Audio/Visual-$35.00; Donut Express-Settlement-$1,171.35; Farner/Bocken-F&B-$798.40; Ferguson-HVAC-$108.40; Good Tomatoes-HVAC-$1,412.50; Great Western-Expenses-$1,637.80; Hartford-Insurance-$600.46; Helget-F&B-$74.00; Jitter Joes-Settlement-$1,330.69; Job Source-Staffing-$120.00; Larsen Supply-F&B-$1,398.00; Linhart-Snow Removal-$1,275.00; Maria’s-Settlement-$8,010.95; Menards-Supplies-$49.18; NMC-Rental-$330.00; O’Keffe-Maintenance-$147.00; Lancers-Settlement-$1,460.00; Omaha Steaks-Settlement-$736.56; OPPD-Utilities-$21,830.61; Pepsi-F&B-$5,504.55; Professional Sports Services-Event-$192.00; RASS-Security-$4,531.75; Rotellas-F&B-$246.92; Shell-Fuel-$41.68; SignIt-Signage-$390.00; Sno Floss-Settlement-$1,470.36; Solution One-Copier-$781.55; Staples-Supplies-$382.51; Trane-HVAC-$3,304.67; US Foods-F&B-$8,137.10; R White-Reimburse-$474.00.












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