City Council Minutes


Condensed Minutes, April 1, 2014

The Ralston City Council met in a regular session on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at Ralston City Hall.  Roll was called with the following present: Konwinski, Fideline, Krause, Onken, Preis, & Groesser. Alberhasky was absent. The agenda for this meeting was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting.  The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder.  Claims listed are approved and a part of these minutes.

Groesser gave the Acknowledgement of Open Meeting Law Posting.

The following permits were approved: #9158 to Roland Keetle, 6627 S 85th Ave, Replace Furnace & A/C, $4,700.00; #9159 to Linda Reisling, 7627 Maywood, Replace Sewer Line, $200.00; #9160 to Adam Jones, 7535 Highland, Replace Water Service, $2,100.00; #9161 to Shelter Insurance, 5356 S 72nd, Install Sign, $6,000.00; #9162 to Jason Metz, 97 Country Club, Remodel & Build Deck, $75,849.82; #9163 to RJ Watterson LLC, 7652 Serum Ave, Electrical for New Furnace, $100.00; #9164 to Ralston Lodging, LLC, 7306 Q St, Install Water Main, $80,000.00; #9165 to Roger Pokorny, 6110 S 77th, Re-Roof House,$5,500.00; #9166 to Dena Ramos, 7304 Washington, Replace Water Heater, $350.00; #9167 to Martin Chamberlain, 5024 S 82nd, Replace Furnace, $8,654.00; #9168 to Grant Dawson, 7709 Sunset, Replace Furnace & A/C, $8,900.00; #9169 to Tom Belt, 6617 S 88th, Fire Restoration to House, $184,500.00; #9170 to Joseph Reed, 8317 Oakwood, Build Fence, $2,300.00; #9171 to Gary Lyle, 7528 Washington, Replace Furnace, $4,549.00; #9172 to Donna Vojtech, 7900 Oakwood, Replace Sewer, $6,400.00; #9173 to Shelly Gimple, 8049 Maywood, Install Fence, $1,900.00; #9174 to Melanie Bloom, 7751 Dodson Cir, Install Plumbing, Water Heater & Softener, $6,000.00; #9175 to Gary Lyle, 7528 Washington, Electrical for Furnace, $100.00; #9176 to Grant Dawson, 7709 Sunset, Electrical for Furnace & A/C, $100.00; #9178 to RJ Watterson LLC, 7652 Serum, Replace Furnace, $2,277.00; #9179 to Melanie Bloom, 7751 Dodson Cir, Replace Furnace & A/C, $4,680.00; #9182 to Dave Buckley, 5300 Woodlawn, Replace Furnace, $4,500.00.

It was moved to approve the Consent Agenda by Krause, seconded by Konwinski. All vote yes, motion carries.

Schendt said Costanzo will give a report on the city audit at the April 15th meeting. Murtaugh said the first phase of sergeant testing is done and the Civil Service will be meeting mid-April. Murtaugh reported that two of his officers were injured on duty while chasing suspects. Benis reported on the upcoming events at the Arena. Benis said he had a lot of positive feedback from the USA Hockey National, and the kids were awed at the Arena, and the parents loved the location. Benis said Atchley Ford signed on for a $20,000 sponsorship for one year. Murtaugh reported on the upcoming concert of Hairball.

Consideration of Special Designated License for Randall Charf, Bushwackers was spoken to by Murtaugh. Murtaugh said these are two of several SDL’s that will be coming up for Bushwackers for their bike nights during the summer. Murtaugh said he has no objections to the SDL’s, as they have off-duty police officers for security, and there have been no previous problems. Murtaugh said, in conjunction with Agenda Item #2, he would like Council’s approval for he, Costanzo, and Freshman to have the authority to approve the rest of the SDL’s as they progress for the summer, in order to make the 10 day minimum requirement for the Liquor Control Commission. Murtaugh said they will not approve all the SDL’s at once, because there is not a provision to revoke them should there be any issues. It was moved to approve the two SDL’s by Krause, seconded by Konwinski. All vote yes, motion carries.

Consideration of Policy Regarding Special Designated Licenses was spoken to by Murtaugh. Murtaugh said this pertains specifically to SDL’s for Bushwackers through the summer for their bike nights. Murtaugh said any SDL’s that Bushwackers may want outside of the initial intent of these, will come before Council for approval. It was moved to approve the policy regarding the SDL’s for Bushwackers by Krause, seconded by Preis. Groesser said he would like Council to be notified when the SDL’s are approved. All vote yes, motion carries.

Consideration of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Ralston was spoken to by Jeff Ray, JEO Associates. Groesser said this plan came before the Planning Commission on March 18th, and the Commission voted to approve and recommend it to the City Council. Ray said JEO and HDR partnered together for this project. Ray showed a power point on the planning process and the four major phases of the plan. Groesser said this plan is a 20 year concept to inspire planning for the future. After questions, it was moved to approve the Comprehensive Plan by Krause, seconded by Onken. All vote yes, motion carries. Groesser thanked JEO & HDR for their work on the project.

Public Comments: None

Council Comments: Fideline thanked Groesser and Peffer for their work at the Legislature. Groesser said they did get all of the legislation passed for amending LB779, and the first check should be coming this month, then quarterly thereafter.

There being nothing further of a general nature to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:46 PM.

Next Regular Meeting April 15, 2014 at 7:00 PM


__________________ __________________
Becky Schendt Donald A. Groesser
Deputy City Clerk Mayor


Claims: ING-Pension-$975.00; Ameripride-Janitorial-$69.89; Alegent-Claim-$273.04; Better Business-Copier-$135.98; CJ’s-Supplies-$33.48; D Costanzo-Reimburse-$891.99; Cox-Utilities-$353.15; Center Point-Books-$44.34; Century-Pest Control-$28.00; Great Western-Pension-$23,395.46; Demco-Supplies-$82.70; Eastern Library-Education-$270.00; FOP-Dues-$650.00; Gale-Books-$374.66; D Groesser-Conference-$1,796.45; D Huff-Reimburse-$35.44; M Klinker-Professional-$4,012.50; MUD-Utilities-$289.99; Metro-Contract-$385.00; Micro Marketing-Books-$137.69; Menards-Supplies-$105.82; Medical Enterprises-Screening-$140.00; NE/IA Fasteners-Supplies-$44.52; M O’Malley-Janitorial-$418.00; Black Hills-Utilities-$3,067.93; Papillion Sanitation-Disposal-$25,811.24; Prairie Life-Reimburse-$95.18; RVFD-Contract-$3,050.00; Recorded Books-Books-$589.16; Schemmer Associates-Professional-$319.43; Sarpy County-Animal Control-$1,641.03; Great Western Visa-Expenses-$7,056.84; Quality Books-Books-$1,293.59; Dearborn-Insurance-$137.60; L Marshall-Reimburse-$5.04; NE/IA Supply-Fuel-$1,598.43; Quill-Supplies-$140.76; HyVee-Supplies-$78.51; JQ Office-Copier-$178.51; Minitex-Supplies-$68.00; Elliott-Supplies-$193.35; US Mechanical-Maintenance-$108.00; Bartels Trucking-Supplies-$4,209.22; Pitney Bowes-Postage-$357.00; Solution One-Copier-$104.30; Daedalus-Street Repair-$4,589.20; DXP-Supplies-$16.35; M Hagen-Education-$325.00; BCBSNE-Insurance-$34,300.52; MidAmerican-Benefits-$70.00; Cabela’s-Supplies-$53.97; RASS-Security-$495.00; Echo-Supplies-$11.40; Safelite-Parts-$49.95; ABM-Janitorial-$22,535.39; AFSA-Settlement-$464.15; Legion-Rent-$300.00; Aramark-Uniforms-$131.62; T Bader-Event-$55.00; BCBSNE-Insurance-$9,705.20; Becker-FF&E-$642.42; Black Hills-Utilities-$4,605.50; Carpenter Paper-Supplies-$917.74; D Caskey-Reimburse-$1,329.90; Century-Reimburse-$140.30; Centurylink-Phones-$37.30; ChicFilA-Settlement-$497.68; City of Ralston-Reimburse-$264.82; CJ’s-Supplies-$27.29; CSS-Security-$3,385.01; Cutchall-Settlement-$5,325.20; D&D-Equipment-$300.00; Damron Production-Event-$2,250.00; Donut Express-Settlement-$752.60; DXP-Supplies-$30.66; Embassy Suites-Lodging-$559.76; Graybar-Supplies-$34.68; HD Supply-Equipment-$50.61; Helget-F&B-$78.80; HyVee-F&B-$102.76; Infinet-Support-$699.45; Jitter Joes-Settlement-$823.71; R Kropp-Reimburse-$12.47; Maria’s-Settlement-$6,974.01; Menards-Supplies-$23.93; MidAmerican-Benefits-$15.00; National Everything-Supplies-$28.16; O’Keefe-Maintenance-$147.00; Lancers-Settlement-$1,460.00; Omaha Steaks-Settlement-$830.49; OPPD-Utilities-$20,629.91; Pepsi-F&B-$5,887.52; Pinnacle Bank-Loan-$1,708.55; PIP-Printing-$21.10; Precision Glass-Supplies-$2,981.00; R&R-Ice Supplies-$1,144.89; RASS-Security-$4,933.25; Rotella’s-F&B-$427.58; SignIt-Signage-$175.00; Sno Floss-Settlement-$813.26; Solution One-Copier-$897.92; Staples-Supplies-$240.71; Team Nebraska-Settlemlent-$50.00; Thompson Electric-Maintenance-$1,245.75; Trane-HVAC-$3,304.67; US Foods-F&B-$11,394.65.












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