City Council Minutes


Condensed Minutes, July 1, 2014

The Ralston City Council met in a regular session on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at Ralston City Hall.  Roll was called with the following present: Konwinski, Alberhasky, Fideline, Onken, & Groesser. Krause & Preis were absent. The agenda for this meeting was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting.  The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder.  Claims listed are approved and a part of these minutes.

Groesser gave the Acknowledgement of Open Meeting Law Posting.

The following permits were approved: #9206 to Tom Caradori, 8324 Main, Repair Sewer, $3,000.00; #9225 to Patricia Stewart, 6645 S 86th, Replace Deck, $1,930.00; #9234 to Michael Stegmaier, 7742 State, Replace A/C, $1,476.00; #9236 to Brittany Blakley, 8317 Main, Install Fence, $675.00; #9239 to Rod Bowman, 8002 Maywood, Replace A/C, $3,500.00; #9240 to Brent Meacham, 8242 Walnut Ln, Replace Deck, $1,600.00; #9241 to Brijnandan Sodhi, 6712 S 73rd Cir, Replace Furnace, $1,900.00; #9243 to Larry Gerlt, 8510 Monroe, Replace A/C, $3,500.00; #9244 to Pat Scheer, 5217 S 80th, Re-Roof House, $5,564.00; #9245 to Melanie Bloom, 7751 Dodson Cir, Install Electrical, $2,000.00; #9246 to Vandelay Properties, 7769 Oakwood, Re-Roof House, $3,600.00, #9247 to Christina Miscinski, 5130 S 83rd, Repair Sewer, $3,500.00; #9248 to Dan Steen, 8004 Q St, Repair Electrical Service, $700.00.

It was moved to approve the Consent Agenda by Konwinski, seconded by Alberhasky. All vote yes, motion carries.

Freshman reported on the damage around the various areas of the City and at the Arena caused by the heavy rains last weekend. Murtaugh reported that he has accepted the resignation of Officer Dana Miller, who is going to the LaVista Police Department, and is starting the process to fill her position. Murtaugh said reservations are filling fast for the Boston Bombing, Lessons Learned seminar. Benis reported on upcoming shows. Groesser asked when the ice was going to be put back in the main rink. Benis said it will be the week of September 2nd. Benis said the HVAC system has been working very well since Trane made changes, and they have not had to use the extra chiller. Benis said the community ice time is booked through July.

Public Comments: None

Council Comments: Council wished all a Happy Independence Day Weekend. Groesser said he appreciates everyone’s hard work to make this a very successful event.

There being nothing further of a general nature to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:14 PM.

Next Regular Meeting July 15, 2014 at 7:00 PM


__________________ __________________
Dolores L. Costanzo Donald A. Groesser
City Clerk/Treasurer Mayor


Claims: Airgas-Supplies-$69.63; ING-Pension-$975.00; Ameripride-Janitorial-$69.89; BKD-Professional-$8,750.00; Better Business-Copies-$314.28; CJ’s-Supplies-$93.56; D Costanzo-Reimburse-$101.00; Cox-Utilities-$353.15; Center Point-Books-$44.34; Great Western-Pension-$25,145.84; Eastern Library-Conference-$13.00; FOP-Dues-$650.00; Gake-Books-$87.17; Grainger-Supplies-$105.44; Galls-Equipment-$235.90; Integrated-Support-$2,927.00; M Klinker-Professional-$1,000.00; MUD-Utilities-$3,075.89; Metro-Bus Service-$436.00; Menards-Supplies-$121.13; NE/IA Fasteners-Supplies-$54.81; Oriental Trade-Supplies-$113.25; Winnelson-Supplies-$387.50; M O’Malley-Janitorial-$418.00; Black Hills-Utilities-$27.72; Papillion Sanitation-Disposal-$25,757.33; RVFD-Contract-$10,169.00; Roto Rooter-Plumbing-$192.00; Ralston Automotive-Parts/Labor-$107.10; Recorded Books-Books-$139.48; Sarpy County-Animal Control-$1,641.03; M Todd-Supplies-$56.20; Universal Information-Media Service-$65.00; Great Western-Expenses-$7,907.73; SignIt-Printing-$28.00; Billings-Photos-$85.50; City of Omaha-Sewer-$31,925.28; Ebsco-Subscription-$2.20; Davidson-Books-$51.85; Dearborn-Insurance-$182.32; NE/IA Supply-Fuel-$1,270.77; Jones Library Sales-Shelving-$1,127.00; Shell-Fuel-$3,141.29; Quill-Supplies-$158.38; Regional Books-Books-$107.41; HyVee-Supplies-$22.69; JQ Office-Copier-$173.00; Omaha Tactical-Equipment-$694.00; JEO-Professional-$4,025.00; Drawing Board-Printing-$144.26; Control Masters-Key Fobs-$499.41; Rock River Arms-Supplies-$850.00; Pitney Bowes-Copier-$357.00; Solution One-Copier-$290.56; S Nelson-Reimburse-$24.22; State Steel-Maintenance-$64.14; Echo Electric-Supplies-$560.67; Redstone-Services-$300.00; Omaha Theater-Workshop-$120.00; Aramark-Uniforms-$106.12; BCBSNE-Insurance-$9,705.20;  L Bierman-Reimburse-$220.15; Black Hills-Utilities-$110.05; Century Certified-Pest Control-$137.50; Good Tomatoes-HVAC-$532.50; Graphic Technologies-Printing-$82.04; Great Western-Expenses-$3,209.39; Helget-F&B-$157.50; M Klinker-Professional-$1,637.50; Logo Logix-Advertising-$1,661.60; MUD-Utilities-$214.77; O’Keefe-Maintenance-$147.00; OPPD-Utilities-$23,091.08; Pinncale-Loan Payment-$1,708.55; PJ Morgan-Consult-$3,375.00; Solution One-Copier-$572.93; V Stahr-Labor-$247.50; Staples-Supplies-$128.07; TMS-A/V-$86.75; Trane-Agreement-$5,153.67; US Food-F&B-$226.97; Water Engineering-Agreement-$175.00.













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